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Go rogue

Dead Cells is a platformer game with sci-fi themes. Players will get to be in the shoes of a failed lab experiment who is now out to discover and find out the secrets lying beneath a mysterious island. The action game has colorful 2D graphics and will engage players in classic combat. There are also different game modes and features that players can try. Each mode has a different objective to clear. To make things more exciting, there are also final boss fights to motivate players to clear stage after stage. Dead Cells is a fun and casual game with easy mechanics and controls. You can play this anytime and anywhere.

No rest for the dead

Starting as a formless blob, the game’s main character finds itself reborn into a powerful being that death won’t be able to touch the second time around. Your dead cells are held together in a skeletal figure that allows you to move around and perform tasks no dead creature should even be able to do. From here, the game starts with a practice level that will help you become acquainted with the controls of the game, as well as get to feel how the stages will be like. The zones all come with their own maze-like maps, obstacles, and enemies to watch out for.

It is true that you already have successfully evaded death, but that does not mean you can just do whatever you want without experiencing the consequences. Nope! You will not be able to ram against your enemies like it’s nothing and then expect to leave unscathed. You do have a life bar to maintain! Once your life bar has reached zero, you will have to restart the level and go through the same enemies and obstacles until you are able to do things right. Being undead basically gives you the advantage of trial and error. We have to admit that it can be tiring, taxing, and a little annoying to have to go through the motions several times but hey, being able to finally find out what needs to be done is very rewarding. 

Always on the move 

What makes Dead Cells truly enjoyable is its action-packed gameplay. You get to run, jump, hop, fight, and launch deadly attacks and combos that will make you feel like a real pro fighter. Being constantly in motion in an environment that pushes you to be agile will leave no room for boredom. Its relentless call for action will keep your adrenaline rushing and your excitement up throughout the whole gameplay. To make things better, the special effects that come with your attack combos and every flurry of movement is a sight to see and will leave you in awe. 

Feel alive

For a game with an undead and decapitated main character, Dead Cells in actuality is a very lively game. There is a lot to do during the gameplay, with never-ending movement, interesting concepts, and challenging obstacles and enemies ready to make an entrance. Dead Cells is certainly enjoyable to players of all ages. 


  • Easy game mechanics
  • Responsive controls
  • Different game modes available


  • Repetitive gameplay

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Dead Cells for iPhone

  • Paid
  • In English
  • V 1.7.3
  • 5
  • (1)
  • Security Status

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